Enjoy free travel and other perks with the AirTran Airways A+ Rewards Credit Card. You will get to earn reward dollars with every purchase. As a cardholder, you can also get business class upgrades and other perks all year long.

What Reward Dollars Are

When you use the Visa card on any purchase, you earn reward dollars. Since the credit card features the Visa logo, it allows you to make purchases all over the globe with ease. Millions of merchants accept the card and it can be used online and over the phone as well. You will also be given a PIN number where you can get a cash advance at ATM machines nationwide.

For every dollar spent, you earn a reward dollar. The reward dollars then turn into credits. As you save up the credits, you can redeem them for free flights, hotel stays and various other travel benefits throughout the year. With being able to use your Visa anywhere, it’s very easy to earn reward dollars on major purchases as well as your day to day spending, such as gas and groceries.

When you first sign up for the AirTran Airways A+ Rewards Credit Card, you have the ability to earn bonus points. The way you do that is by spending a certain amount of money within the introductory period of opening your account. The points are then awarded to you so you can get closer to the redemption level that you want.

Free Flights & More

When you have the Air Tran Airways credit card, you are able to earn free flights as you spend more money with your card. With the bonus miles alone, you may be able to earn at least one roundtrip to anywhere that Air Tran flies. You can also earn free flights when you transfer balances from other credit cards in order to save money on interest.

You have the option of what airline you want to redeem your miles on. Airtran Airways and Southwest Airlines are participating airlines with the credit card. This gives you access to over 90 locations around the world. You will need a frequent flyer account with AirTran as well as one with Southwest in order for you to maximize your miles with each airline – and to help you earn faster.

With the low annual fee, you are able to earn flights simply because you make purchases with this card. You can also take advantage of other card features throughout the year as they occur. With free flights, you can save hundreds of dollars on business travel and travel for pleasure for you as well as friends and family. All you need is the right number of reward credits to redeem them.

Perks Of A Visa Card

Having a Visa card is important to your spending abilities. The card is the most widely accepted on the planet. Millions of merchants accept the card. You can pay at the pump, over the phone, in stores, at kiosks and over the internet. You can choose to put all your purchases on the card and then pay the balance at the end of each month or pay over time with the low APR that you will be given on the account as a cardholder. When you have a credit card, you can buy what you need right away, even when you don’t have the cash.

Some of the other perks on the card include:

  • Online accounting tools
  • Customer service
  • Fraud protection
  • Emergency card replacement

There are many online accounting tools at your fingertips. You will have a secure username and password that you can use anywhere that you have an internet connection. When you log on, account details are right there. You can find out about your account balance, available credit and view past purchases made on the card. There is the option to pay your bill online and even schedule your payments ahead of time to ensure you are never late. You will receive statements in the mail but you also have the option of having them downloaded to your computer or viewing them when you log in.

Customer service allows you to get answers on your account. You can send inquiries online or use the toll free number to speak directly to a representative. This can be used to dispute a charge, ask questions about card features or ask about anything else. Over time, you can request a credit line increase or ask for your account to be reviewed for a lower APR, if available.

There is fraud protection on the card. If you ever see a purchase that wasn’t authorized by you, you can make the call to customer service. If it was charged through fraudulent activity, you won’t be responsible for the charges. It’s important that your card is always monitored to prevent such activity. With the Visa card, the bank is always reviewing your account to protect your personal information. If something unusual appears on the account, you will receive a call to confirm the activity.

If you ever lose your AirTran Airways A+ Rewards Credit Card or it is stolen, you will need a replacement card. Sometimes you can wait and sometimes you can’t. If you are anywhere in the world, Visa will send you out a new card. The emergency card replacement ensures you get the card quickly so you never have to wait for it. This allows you the freedom to keep spending so you always have a convenient method of payment with you.

Final Word

You can begin enjoying free reward travel quickly. With the online application, you can submit your personal information and find out if you are approved for AirTran Airways A+ Rewards Credit Card in minutes. Once you make your first purchase, the rewards will begin to accrue.

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