Apart from making your life and finances really easy, the Citi Diamond Preferred credit card makes racking up reward points so simple and satisfying. Unlike other cards that offer rewards on rotating categories and tiers chosen by the card provider, this credit card offers you reward points and lots of them, on everyday purchases. No wonder, it makes so much sense to choose this card over the other generic rewards cards.

There are two features that really stand out when it comes to the Citi Diamond Preferred card. One, there is no annual fee associated with this card. Two, balance transfers and purchases come with no interest applicable during the largest introductory period established by any card.

The ThankYou Rewards program offered by Citi makes it really easy for everyday shoppers to stack up on points and redeem them for the rewards they enjoy best. The best part is that you get rewarded on expenses that you cannot avoid, like buy groceries, filling gas, making hotel and airline reservations, and dining out at restaurants.

Earn Rewards The Way You Want Them

There are credit cards that allow you to earn “miles” or “cash backs” when you purchase things. There are credit cards that let you earn more points when you purchase in the relevant categories. The Citi Diamond Preferred card is counted among the finest rewards cards on the market because of the simplicity of the rewards program. As a cardholder, you earn rewards on everything you purchase. Furthermore, if you purchase things from standalone supermarkets, gas stations, and drugstores, you can earn even more reward points. In short, your everyday purchases are the ones that earn you the maximum rewards. Start using this credit card and you can see how quickly the points start to add up.

Balance Transfers And Purchases

If you are looking to payoff old debt, the Citi Diamond Preferred card becomes a great choice for the simple reason of balance transfers. This card allows you to transfer balance off of your old card for a transaction fee and they payoff that balance without incurring extra finance charges in the set introductory period. No more finance charges applicable means your balance remains unchanged without extra fees being added to it. It also makes great sense for those who use their credit card to carry over the balance from month to month. The same logic applies when it comes to making purchases during the introductory period. No finance charges applicable means you do not have to pay the regular interest rates on the purchases you make and you keep getting showered with reward points too!

Additional Perks Of Being A Citi Diamond Preferred Cardholder

Making everyday life interesting at every turn with really good services and a chance to earn many more rewards seems to be the philosophy behind this card from CitiBank. Among the many benefits that the card offers, the Private Pass Access allows you to purchase pre-sale tickets and often get the best seats in the house at any major event. Just log on to the private pass website where all the events are listed and choose the ones you want access to.

The Diamond Preferred Concierge service allows you to take care of things like last-minute hotel and airline ticket reservations, restaurant reservations, purchasing concert tickets and more by making a single phone call. This service is available to all cardholders from anywhere across the world, 24/7.

Your Citi Diamond Preferred card also gives you a chance to earn extra Citi Cash. You can receive benefits like discounts on travel, restaurants, merchandise, and more. The Price Refund feature allows you to make purchases and if you see the same item being advertised for less within a certain time period of the purchase, you can get a refund for the difference (up to a certain limit).

The Retail Purchase Protection feature covers any purchased item against theft or accidental damage for a set period from the date of purchase. The liability on unauthorized charges ensures peace of mind when you shop. Automatic Travel Accident Insurance, access to Travel and Emergency Assistance, Citi MasterCard Payment Tag with PayPass, Virtual Account Numbers, and many more such perks are available to the cardholder. To see the complete list, log on to the Citi Credit Cards page.


The Citi Diamond Preferred Credit Card ensures that you get rewards on everyday purchases and make the most of your card with access to a whole lot of benefits. The “No Annual Fees for life” makes getting this card that much sweeter!

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