Saving money on gift cards is easy. Discounted gift cards are a very real product and you can find discounts in a number of places. Learn what kinds of discounts to expect, what types of gift cards are out there and where you can purchase them.

Body with Supporting Facts

Everyone asks if discounted gift cards are real because the idea of getting a gift card for cheaper than the value seems too good to be true. The truth of it is, they are real because companies use the discount as a marketing tactic to spread the word about their product or service by offering a discount at the very beginning.

Discounts Available on Gift Cards

It can depend on where you buy the gift cards and what type of gift cards you buy as to what discount you can expect. On average, 5% or 10% is the average for discounts. This means if you buy a gift card valued at $50, it will likely cost you between $45 and $48 to purchase. It may not seem like a lot but it adds up fast.

Any kind of discount provides you with the ability to save money. Since gift cards operate like cash, you have the ability to save more money when you make the purchase with the card. Save money when you buy the card with discounted gift cards. Then shop a sale or use a coupon at the store or business that the gift card has been issued at. At the end of the process, it may be possible to turn the total discount into 20% and possibly more.

What Types of Gift Cards are Out There

There are a number of types of gift cards out there. Be creative as to where you shop and you can find discounted gift cards for any number of products and services. You may even opt to shop at a different store than usual just because of being able to get a discounted gift card there.

Common industries for gift cards include:

  • Clothing stores
  • Restaurants
  • Rental car companies
  • Airlines/Cruise lines
  • Hotels
  • Home Improvement stores
  • Auto stores
  • Top websites (such as and

Since you can find discounted gift cards in just about every place, it makes shopping and gift buying easier. Spend the money up front in order to save money on common transactions. This makes buying gifts, travel and every day purchases more affordable. Look hard enough and almost every store offers a discount on a gift card somewhere.

Where to Buy Discounted Gift Cards

It’s important to know where to purchase the discounted gift cards. They are available all over the place so it’s a matter of convenience more than anything else.

Wholesale stores may offer discounted gift cards. These are usually only discounted by a few dollars but it may be the most convenient way to buy the gift cards. If you wait until the holidays, there may be additional incentives which provide you with several gift cards for gifts as well as an additional one for you.

Some credit cards offer discounted gift card opportunities. You may be given points to use towards the discounts. This way you can use some of your points accumulated to take 10% or even 15% off some of the gift cards. A $100 gift card could end up costing you only $85 or $90, which is a good deal.

There are also various websites that offer discounted gift cards. These are usually in conjunction with various marketing sites. You usually don’t have to pay shipping and handling. You just choose the card that is right for you, pay the total and wait for the card to ship to your home.

In some cases, you can also find gift cards available for use online. This provides you with a special code to enter during the checkout process. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to wait until the gift card arrives in the mail to use the gift card that you’ve already purchased.


Whether you buy them for yourself or for others, you can save a significant amount of money on gift cards. As long as you know when and where to buy them, you can get good deals and please people with a great gift.