You should be rewarded for using a credit card. With the Citi Thank You Card in your wallet, that’s exactly what happens. You earn points for every dollar spent. You also get to take advantage of many other benefits as a cardholder.

Earn Points All Year Long

You can earn points on all of your purchases all year long. This includes regular purchases such as groceries, gas and utilities. There is no cap to your points and the points never expire. You can continue to use the card all year to accumulate more purchases.

The card is a Visa card, enabling you the ability to make purchases anywhere you wish. It is the most widely accepted credit card on the face of the planet. You can purchase online, over the phone and in person at restaurants, stores and other merchants anywhere you want to make a purchase. If you ever need cash, you can also visit any ATM machine of your choosing for a cash advance as well.

Use Points For Various Pleasures

The points on the card will continue to add up. You will receive bonus points for different things. This includes your anniversary each year, for enrolling in online account features and shopping with a network of over 600 merchants.

The points can be redeemed for a number of different things. With as few as 100 Thank You Points, you can begin redeeming your benefits. Visit the online site or make a call to redeem your points. You can redeem them for cash, gift cards, travel rewards, electronics and many other things. Use points to purchase gifts for friends and family members or use them to reward yourself throughout the year.

Since your points never expire, you can hold onto them. This allows you to save up until you reach a particular reward level to indulge yourself with something special.

Take Advantage Of Other Benefits

The Citi Thank You Card is packed with features, making it a card you want in your wallet. Some features you can take advantage of include:

  • No fees
  • Online account management
  • Fraud protection
  • 24/7 customer service

You can purchase what you want when you want it without spending a lot of money in fees. There is no account set-up fee and no annual fee. The only thing you pay for is the APR, which can be avoided entirely if you pay your balance at the end of every billing statement. You can avoid debt and make purchases without paying a fortune in credit card fees.

Manage your account at your convenience. You can set up a username and password to give you access to your account any time of the day or night. Log on to learn your account balance, your available credit and look up transactions you’ve made on the card. If you don’t want to receive statements in the mail, you can view your statements online and download them to your computer. When you enroll for these features you also receive bonus Thank You Points. For added convenience you can also pay your bill online, saving you a stamp and the time of writing out a check.

Fraud protection is also included with the card. The bank protects you against fraud so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting access to your account. If you ever do see a transaction you didn’t authorize, call up customer service and they will reverse the charge. A new card will even be issued to you to ensure that your account information is kept safe and secure.

If you ever have questions for customer service, you should be able to contact them when it’s convenient for you. If you don’t want to send a question to customer service via email, you can call the toll free number provided to you as an account holder. This allows you to get questions answered immediately instead of waiting for a response. Representatives are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. From transaction inquiries to benefits, someone is always available to take your call.


The Citi Thank You Card is easy to apply for. You can apply online and receive the card within days of getting approved. You can then start taking advantage of the many benefits. Use the card anywhere Visa is accepted, giving you the buying power you’ve always wanted.

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