The ability to get a prepaid MasterCard is simpler than ever. The Control Prepaid MasterCard allows you to add money easily and spend your money even more easily. There are also many other features to take advantage of with the card.

Getting the Card

The Control Prepaid MasterCard can be obtained online. There are no credit checks for you to worry about and no fees for you to pay in order to open the account. As long as you provide a name and address, the card will be mailed out to you. Your personalized card will arrive within a few days. Once you activate it, will be able to create an online account and start using the money you’ve loaded on the card.

There will be a monthly maintenance fee charged to the account each month. You have the ability to upgrade the account and get on a discounted fee plan as well.

As you use the card, you will be able to keep more of your money. No overdraft fees, no interest rates and no annual fees are charged to the account. All purchases are prepaid, preventing you from going into debt.

Loading Money on the Card

You have many ways of loading money onto the card. When you can use the card as a debit card or credit card, it’s important to have money on the card to spend anytime, anywhere.

You can load money on the card with direct deposits. This will allow you to get tax refunds, government payments and your paycheck into your account automatically. You won’t need to stand in line at the bank and you will get the money faster.

You can add cash or checks at any location in the NetSpend Reload Network. Over 100,000 locations are in this network. You can reload your card instantly.

Money can also be transferred onto the card. You can go online and have money transferred from a bank account, your PayPal account or from another Control or NetSpend account.

Great Features of the Card

  • Online account tools
  • Text alerts
  • Customer service
  • The Power of MasterCard
  • Works as a debit card

Online account tools are part of what you pay the monthly maintenance fee towards. You can log in at your convenience to find out about your account. The account balance, statement and past transactions can all be viewed from the portal. You will create a username and password after activating your card that will grant you access to this area.

Text alerts can be programmed to your mobile phone. This is a convenient way to get account information delivered right to your phone. You can get information sent to your phone such as account balance, be notified when it reaches a low amount and when a deposit or transaction has been made on the account.

Customer service can be contacted with various questions. Representatives can be reached by calling a toll free number.

You also have the power of MasterCard working for you. This card is accepted at millions of locations around the globe. You can use it at the gas station, grocery store and at other locations anywhere you go. You also have the ability to make purchases online and over the phone very easily. Also, because it’s a MasterCard, you are protected against fraud. If there is an unauthorized charge on your account, you will not be liable for the charge – the money will be put back into your account after you report the problem to customer service.

The prepaid card works as a debit card. When you enter your pin number at local merchants, it will be processed as a debit card. By doing this, you have the option of taking cash out after your transaction from many merchants so you have cash in your pocket. You can also use the card at millions of ATM machines. If you want to avoid the ATM surcharge, you will need to visit an AllPoint ATM – which there are more than 30,000 around nationwide.


You need a great prepaid card so you can spend money without getting into debt. The Control Prepaid MasterCard allows you to do just that with a very minimal monthly fee. Features are in abundance, which helps you all month long.

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