Debt can weigh heavily on the minds of American consumers in a number of ways. There is a great deal of psychology behind debt.

With its ability to trigger feelings of guilt, depression, hopelessness, fear and anxiety, it is no wonder that, according to consumer counseling groups, some consumers are choosing to avoid debt at all costs.

Debt worries have become so common among American consumers in the ever changing financial climate, that many consumer groups have begun running classes for consumers wishing to learn more about various financial matters. This includes special “psychology of debt” classes to help consumers manage debt without becoming overwhelmed or suffering from stress.

Vice president of education for Consumer Credit Counseling Services in Dallas, Todd Mark, teaches one of these psychology of debt classes. The class aims to encourage consumers to consider a variety of things which could be impacting their spending habits. The class also offers a number of proactive tips on how consumers can prioritize their values and financial goals. All of this helps consumers to break out of the debt cycle.

One of the areas that the class looks at is emotional spending. The majority of consumers have at one time or another indulged in an ill advised bad-day shopping spree in order to make them feel better, or over indulgent when on holiday due to an emotional high.

Another main focus is how to use credit cards effectively to both ensure bills are paid on time and to build a good credit history. Other topics include charitable donations, compulsive and/or impulsive spending, spending styles as part of a couple and evaluating short term needs versus long term financial goals.

Todd Mark’s Dallas based class is just one of many which are being launched all across the United States of America by Consumer Credit Counseling Services and many other consumer advice groups. In the wake of the recent economic recession, American consumers are taking more time to properly educate themselves about financial matters, especially when it comes to borrowing and credit card use.

Consumer groups say that the best way to do so is to sign up for one of these new classes. Once a consumer understands the psychology of debt it becomes easier to make decisions which will have a more positive impact on their own debt situation and to help them avoid falling into unmanageable debt to begin with.