In a bid to compensate for new regulations brought in by the CARD Act which restricted their ability to generate credit card income, credit card companies have been increasing fees and introducing new ones for consumers with poor credit ratings. However, at the other end of the credit card market, more affluent consumers are seeing premium credit cards improve benefits offered to customers.

Citi Bank is one of the major credit card issuers who has increased the benefits offered to their premium credit card holders.

The Thank You Premier Card which is issued by Citi now offers a yearly companion ticket, a 15% discount on domestic air tickets (including coach, economy, and first class tickets), and additional insurance policies for trip cancellation and lost baggage.

Citi has also abolishing foreign transaction fees. This is a move which is fast becoming an industry wide trend among credit card issuers with Capital One already offering the feature and both Chase and American Express set to follow in coming months. The card carries a $125 annual fee for primary cardholders and an additional $50 annual fee for each additional cardholder.

The card is only available to those with good credit rating and the APR rate offered is based on credit scoring, with the lowest APR being offered to those with the best credit rating.

Citi’s Thank You Prestige Card goes even further to offer special improve benefits to card holders. The companion ticket offered can be used for international travel rather than the domestic travel offered by the Premier version of the card.

Prestige card holders are also now able to take advantage of Gold-level membership in the Hilton HHonors frequent stay program as well as access to a personal concierge service and membership to the Priority Pass airport lounge program.

The Prestige card is aimed at the most affluent consumers with excellent credit rating as is reflected by the $500 annual fee for primary cardholders and $175 annual fee for each additional card holder. These benefits are in addition to those offered by the Premier version of the card, such as the 15 percent air travel discount.

Citi and their rival credit card issuers are pulling out the stops to attract premier clients who will spend more and bring in much needed profit to compensate for lost revenue as a result of the tighter regulations enforced by the Credit CARD Act.