When people talk of the superior “Platinum” cards from different issuers, there usually isn’t much of a difference. One of the differences is that some have higher credit limits and some have lower. When it comes to the Citi Platinum Select MasterCard, it sure proves its worth as the platinum rated deal. Not just because of its introductory offers, but also for its good APRs and fund transfer rewards that one gets in the longer run, this MasterCard is a good one to choose among the others out there.

So, What’s So Special?

The Citi Platinum Select MasterCard comes with a good offer in the initial period. The initial offer is given for a long time according the credit worthiness of the customer. This can prove to be a real good deal if you have maintained your credit history well. The charges are very low and APRs can be zero percent for nearly 2 years if the customer proves to be the right person with good credit history. There are many additional advantages and privileges that the company provides. These may vary from time to time, but are always real worthy rewarding offers. Some of them can attract you just by themselves!

The Fabulous Deal

CitiBank sure acknowledges the best credit histories. The terms in the Citi Platinum Select MasterCard are really a fabulous offer for someone who has good creditworthiness to show. The terms that define a customer’s credit worthiness are not exactly disclosed. But if one feels they have not defaulted on a payment ever and has been paying the dues at the right times to the banks, then they sure should qualify for the best deals with this credit card. The introductory offers just woo everyone who needs a good credit card. But the major plus of getting this card offer is the long term usage.

In The Long Run

All credit card issuers give attractive deal during the introduction period for s few months, and the customer really only gets to see the actual real deal in the longer run, using the card for well over 2 years. The Citi Platinum Select MasterCard proves a much better one than many of the other platinum deals. Every credit card user knows about the way APRs are going to affect their monthly bills. Defaulting in payments and delaying payments for even a day can cause a tremendous impact in the long run. This is the one that leads to the undesirable effects of credit cards in the longer run. The Citi Bank Platinum deal’s terms are so clear-cut and the APR is very much organized according to the promptness in payment.

This split-up defines how well a customer is going about using the credit card. There is always the chance for the customer to learn about the present APR charges that apply to them. This can be used as an effective tracker of how the usage of the cards and payments has to be managed. There are absolutely no hidden APRs that can come in as a surprise in the bills. The open terms are a real plus. Even a naïve credit card user can come to know about the statistics and can change their usage/payment pattern. This card can make life simpler for frequent users.

Comparative Results

When compared to almost all of the other platinum deals and their rates and terms, the Citi’s Platinum Select MasterCard sure stands out as the best deals. Be it a person freshly applying for a credit card, or a real pro user with good credit history, this card is really a worthy one to possess. Apart from the whole set of advantageous rates, terms, and conditions, the card also has many rewards that one can be eligible for with a way they use the credit card. These aspects are not found on any other credit cards. Most of all, the best customers and the creditworthy persons can have their best of deals through this card.

Overall, it is very clear that CitiBank Platinum Select Master Credit Card is one of the best credit cards available out there. When you are searching to apply for the best credit cards, this sure should be on top of the list. Make sure you take a look at the reviews of this card because many have had good experiences with this for well over 3-4 years. So, this is the best way to go about it when you want to apply for a genuinely good credit card deal.

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