When you want a card despite poor credit or no credit, the Cerulean Discover Credit Card is a card to apply for. With the online application process, you can find out if you’ve been approved quickly. Then you can begin enjoying card features right away.

How to Apply for the Card

The application for the Cerulean Discover credit card is available online. This gives you the opportunity to apply at your convenience, day or night. With a few basic details, you can begin the process. The only requirement to apply for the card is being 21 years of age or older. Regardless of no credit or poor credit, it’s possible to be approved for the card.

When the card is submitted, most people will be approved within minutes. There are some instances where a driver’s license or other documentation will be requested as well. A card is then mailed out to you. Once it has been activated, your credit line is available and benefits begin immediately.

Various Account Management Tools

Managing money is important with a credit card. There are a few different account tools provided to help you do this with Cerulean Discover. The more you use, the easier it will be to avoid going into debt. You can use:

  • Toll free number
  • Online features

The toll free number allows you to call and get account information. You will be able to connect to an automated system to learn about your account balance, available credit line and other details. This will be available 24/7. You also have the opportunity to talk to customer service if you need to. Dispute charges, ask questions about the features of the card or anything else. A live representative will help you however necessary.

Online features provide you with a secure log on. This also gives you 24/7 account access. You can find out what your balance is, your available credit line and download statements. You can also view past charges, pay your bill online and look at payment information. Should you need to contact customer service, you can do so from an online portal by sending them a message. The online portal can be accessed anytime you have an internet connection.

Features of the Discover Card

The Discover card offers a wide array of features. These are at no extra charge to you. When you activate the card, they are instantly available to you. You can save money and enjoy many perks with these features. These include:

  • Fraud protection
  • Low monthly payments
  • Low APR

Fraud protection is one of the most important things in today’s world. You need to ensure you are protected at all times. The card constantly monitors your activity online and off. If there is anything suspicious, your account is frozen until you confirm that you authorized the transactions. This is for your protection to ensure that no one has accessed your account illegally.

If any charges show up on your card, you are not held responsible for them. You can contact customer service and they will be removed. This ensures that you are not liable for fraudulent charges that were placed on your card. You can also request a new card and account number should that happen.

You have the ability to make purchases on your account and pay for them over time. Low monthly payments will ensure that you don’t have problems making payments. The more you spend, the higher your monthly payment will be. Controls can be set on your account to ensure you don’t exceed a certain limit on your card.

Finally, there is a low APR on the account. This is in comparison to other credit cards on the market. You will be able to enjoy a low APR that allows you to pay less in interest. Lower interest rates prevent you from going into too much debt. If you choose to carry a balance, there will be less to pay extra on from month to month. You can also choose to pay your balance off each month to avoid the APR entirely.

Final Word

The application can be started right away. There’s no application fee to find out if you’ve been approved. The moment you receive your Cerulean Discover® Credit Card, the many great features kick in immediately. This gives you the opportunity to buy now and pay later.

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