Companies need to find a card that can works with their travel demands. The Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business card allows companies to have an easier time purchasing tickets, meals, hotels, and office supplies. People do not have to worry about blackout dates or seat assignments with this card.

There are plenty of card options for businesses to choose from, but they will not find another card like the Capital One Spark Miles Select. They double the amount of miles people get in their first year. Companies who need to use different airlines do not have to worry about which place will take their miles, since they can book flights on any airline or with any travel agency. The card company notifies businesses if there is any fraudulent activity on their cards.

Travel Benefits

Companies can rely on their credit card to get them to their destination anywhere around the world. Businesses can enjoy many travel benefits when they sign up for this card. They include:

  • Earn an unlimited amount of miles
  • No mile expiration date
  • Use miles for airplane tickets, gift cards, cash, and more
  • Availability to choose any airline
  • No seating restrictions or blackout dates

People can use their card immediately after they activate it. Every purchase will build miles that go toward flights, gift cards, and other items. Companies can keep track of their miles easier by adding the total amount of their purchases.

Every dollar people spend is the equivalent to one mile. Businesses who want to use their miles a year or two down the road for a company vacation can do so, since there is no expiration date for when they need to use their miles. Cardholders can get bonus reward miles in the first year when they spend more than a certain dollar amount.

Booking flights have never been easier when people want to redeem their miles. Cardholders can use their reward miles at any travel agency or online travel service to book flights. Cardholders get discounts when they eat out when traveling or taking a job applicant out to eat during an interview. Employees can book hotel rooms at a discounted price when they travel for business or vacation.

A Powerful Card

The Capital One Spark Miles Select card is a Visa card, and stores accept this card all around the world. Cardholders can make purchases online or at a local store that accepts credit cards. People use the card to purchase groceries, office supplies, hotel rooms, rental cars, and more. Every time employees swipe the card, they are increasing their air miles. This is perfect for people who travel frequently.

Visa gives their small business cardholders peace of mind with their fraud protection alert system. They have a zero Fraud liability policy that does not hold the cardholder responsible for fraudulent purchases. When a card is lost or stolen, the card company cancels the card immediately, and takes care of any fraudulent purchases. Businesses do not have to worry how to pay back fraudulent purchases when they are a card member.

There are times where people need medical assistance or are in an accident while they are traveling. The card has a travel and emergency assistance benefit for card members to use in case they are sick, need new flight tickets, or tow services. Another feature that relaxes cardholders is that the card company protects all purchases for when they are damaged, stolen, or in a fire. They replace the items at their full retail cost.

Additional Features

If an employee rents a car while they are traveling, the card has a rental damage program that covers car damage, collisions, and offers loss insurance. The card takes care of employees while they are traveling across the country. They also offer discounts when reserving hotel rooms at well-known hotels and resorts. Participating stores also give card members discounts on purchases.

Keeping track of expenses has never been easier. With the Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business card, accountants and business owners can read all their transactions for the year in a Year-End Review. The statement itemizes every purchase, and shows every card that is active on their business account.


Small businesses who are interested in the Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business card can apply quickly and easily. Once the card is active, companies can start making purchases to gain reward miles. This is the card to carry when buying supplies for a small business.

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