Individuals want a card that works for them every time they make a purchase. The Capital One Spark Cash Select for Business does not limit their cardholders on how much money they can receive. People can use their cards anywhere in the world to get cash back.

There are other cards out there, but they do not have the amount of features this card has to offer. Small businesses can earn money on every purchase they make. They are not restricted to the amount of purchases that qualify for cash back, so they have unlimited potential to earn many cash rewards. The cardholders do not need to worry about fraudulent activity, since they receive alerts on their cell phone when there is activity on their account.

Card Advantages

When people sign up for this credit card, they earn rewards every time they buy tickets, food, and supplies on their card. Card members will like to know the advantages of using the card. They include:

  • Redeem reward points anytime
  • Unlimited reward earning potential
  • No expiration date on reward points
  • Earn cash back on every purchase
  • Double the amount of cash rewards in the first year
  • Many more Visa benefits

Once business employees activate their card, they can earn points immediately. Every purchase gives businesses a certain percentage of cash back. There is no waiting to use the points, since employees can use them immediately. The reward points do not expire, so people can use them whenever they want.

Small businesses count on this card when they are traveling around the world. They can use it to reserve hotel rooms, dine out, buy supplies, and more. The card gives members discounts on high-end hotels; and when they dine out at participating establishments. Small businesses can advertise their logo on the front of the card as free advertising.

Fraud Protection

If the card is ever stolen or lost, card members can call the card company to report it missing. Visa protects small businesses for when they see fraudulent purchases on their cards. Capital One has a zero Fraud liability policy that protects people from fraudulent purchases. People do not have to find the money to pay for unauthorized purchases when their card is lost or stolen.

Places that accept credit cards accept this Visa card. This is the perfect card to rely on when traveling abroad or buying lunch for the office. Having a Visa card helps business to expand globally since they can use their card anywhere in the world. This is a great way to earn cash rewards when traveling abroad.

Visa also protects purchases that are bought within the first 90 days of purchase. If the items are stolen, lost, damaged, or burned in a fire, Visa replaces the items so the business does not have to. Card members can log on to their accounts to see 13 months of transactions and statements for their small business. People can even pay their monthly bill online. When shopping at participating merchants, card members can get an extra discount on their purchases when they use the card.

Additional Advantages

Small businesses that are expanding across the country can save money at hotels and fine dining establishments. Participating establishments gives card members an additional discount when they use their card. Employees who need to rent a vehicle have protection in case they are in a vehicle accident. The card covers collision, loss insurance, and other damage to the car.

Closing out the books at the end of the year is a stressful time for small businesses. This shows where they spent their money, and how much their business profited. Card members receive Year-End statements that itemize every transaction for them to check against their accounting books. Small business owners will like to see how much cash they earned when they used their card for purchases throughout the year.


Applying for a Capital One Spark Cash Select for Business card is easy to accomplish, and it takes a couple of minutes. Once people activate their cards, they can start earning cash rewards immediately.

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