Why should you choose a business card with rewards? As a busy business man or woman you probably want a credit card that works for you in a number of ways. No doubt you stay on the move, use your car, and would appreciate having some of your hard earned profits returned to you. Business Reward cards do just that. You earn points for every dollar you spend on covered expenses. Even if you are taking that much needed vacation you still qualify. With the most advantageous credit rewards plans your rewards accrue when you charge entertainment, travel and dining out. In fact, the JetBlue from American Express pays double points for those expenses.

Other business friendly credit card offers are the American Express Simply Cash Business Card, Discover Business Miles Card and the Blue Cash for Business Credit Card. So how do you choose which card fits your unique needs? Let’s discuss the advantages of each rewards plan.

American Express Business Card Perks

The American Express Simply Cash safeguard your purchases with Purchase Protection Plan and the Buyers Assurance Plan. AE also offers emergency services with emergency card replacement, check cashing and hotel check-in. They proudly announce that you can get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no annual fee for the Simply Cash Card and the Blue Cash, the JetBlue Cash carries a $40 fee. The Simply Cash allows you the convenience of paying your balance in full or carrying a balance. Also, you will earn 5% cash back on gas, office supplies and wireless service and 1% on most other purchases. The Blue Cash Business Credit Card is for business owners with average credit. You can earn up to 5% cash rebate on OPEN services and 2.5% for other general purchases. This card has a cap of $15,000, after which the cash back percentages are reduced.

American Express business reward cards also offer their OPEN services. These services include unlimited, additional cards with no annual fee. AE have partnered with a number of companies, such as Hertz, Delta, Hyatt Hotels and Fed Ex, to offer additional savings. As with most major cards you can manage your account on line. While you are on-line you can also chat with other members about such pressing business issues as taxes, marketing and travel. Do you want to talk to an expert? No problem, they have experts to answer your questions and business related articles to increase your knowledge and your business edge.

Discover Business Miles Card Perks

The Discover Business Miles Card, designed for individuals who have very good credit, offers a generous rewards program. Discover offers double miles on gas and other travel expenses. There are no restrictions on travel agents or airlines. You have the freedom to use whomever you choose from most US based airlines. Freedom is a wonderful thing. Discover also has an on-line shopping site. They offer double miles when you purchase through their site. You have many options for cashing in your miles… get travel credit, gift cards or cash. You are eligible to receive bonus points when you apply for this card.

Discover also has small business perks, such as free employee cards with purchase plans designed to fit your business and monthly reports to save you time and energy. That is a good thing. Unfortunately, there are no fabulous perks other than the rewards program. This card doesn’t charge an annual fee and it currently offers a 0 percent introductory rate. Their APR charge is about average for individuals who qualify for this business card.

Want to be certain that your card is safe? The Discover card has fraud coverage various security protection services.

Perk Comparison

The Business Card Annual Fee Low Intro Offer Business Resources
JetBlue $40 No Yes
Simply Cash 0 Yes Yes
Blue Cash 0 Yes Yes
Discover Card 0 Yes Yes

You are your business. You want a credit card that rewards you for all of the time, dedication and energy you devote to making your business a success. We agree. Did you know that 80% of the jobs in the United States are provided by small business like yours? We have brought together some great business reward cards for you to consider and compare. Think about your business requirements as you read the advantages of these business friendly cards and choose the one that provides the perks you need and deserve. After you make that all important decision apply on-line with confidence. Your security is important to us.