There are several online and mobile applications finance tools that can help you keep better track of your money, invest in your future, and simply manage your finances more successfully than ever before.

In these particularly tough economic times people who are struggling to make ends meet really need to also be aware that technology has also never been more readily available.

This means that, to be perfectly honest, there is no reason for anyone to stay in a financial rut because there are plenty of tools out there that can help just about anyone get out of whatever difficulty they might be experiencing.

Of course, it helps to increase your awareness of these tools if you want to actually be able to use them.

A survey by Aite, a research and advisory firm, shows that personal finance tools not only help people save money, but also help to reshape behavior. Ron Shelvin, senior analyst at Aite, says

With the downturn causing more financial headaches for people, they’ve become a lot more disciplined, so they are turning to tools.

The survey, in fact, suggests that 75 percent of those participating had improved control over their finances while 40 percent are saving and 20 percent are paying less in fees.

In light of this here are the best personal finance tools you probably didn’t know about.

1. Mint is a website that lets you upload personal account information and organizes it for you so that you can focus more on the impact of your financial statement instead of how much work goes into maintaining it

2. provides you with the opportunity to build your own tools for tracking your spending without having to share passwords and other personal information

3. Pennyminder is a tool that lets families who have several spenders track each other’s spending in order to better manage a household budget

4. Geezeo is a money-management tool available through banks and credit unions that lets you set financial goals and then track your spending to see how you fare

5. You Need A Budget is designed to help people who are living with an extremely tight budget so that they can pay off debt

6. Yodlee is another application that works with major financial institutions and is directly available to customers who want better money management tools

7. Moneydance is a professional software application that you can put on your computer desktop. It has a lengthy free trial but the full suite is available for only $50 and users swear by its functionality and the available help

8. Pocketsmith is unique in that it provides users with calendar-based financial planning. This makes it very easy for people who like to track their money according to income statements and bills every month as well as things like overall annual spending, helping you to set goals in the meantime

9. Buxfer offers a very simple design that is easy to use and you can sign it through Google or Facebook, which helps with the information-sharing capabilities

10. is a relatively new site that offers information as well as free tools, investment boot camps, and advice for free, but also access to professional financial planners for an additional fee

11. is a site that provides free templates to help you get started with your personal budget

12. Mobile Apps like Adaptu, Personal Capital, and “Can I Afford It?” are fun, portable ways to start keeping better track of your money

13. Banks and credit unions also offer some kind of online capability sometimes. At least 25% of financial institutions, in fact, currently offer their customers online personal financial assistance. Some of the larger institutions have even developed mobile apps.