The Black Visa Card has always been an elite card that has an impressive stature when handed over for payment. It causes eyebrows to raise because of the significant credit lines that these cards come with. Not everyone can partake in these elite cards because they require an invitation in order to apply for one.

Supporting Facts

Credit card companies all have their elite black card. While it’s not always a card that is black in color (some are white or blue), it is the highest card a person can have. One usually starts their credit card carrying career with a silver or gold, slowly working up to a platinum card. With each level of card, there are benefits, with black being the ultimate card.

When a person with a Black Visa Card pulls it from their wallet, many people are impressed. That’s because not just anyone can even qualify for a black card. The limits on these cards are higher than what an average person makes in five or ten years combined. The card also has a great number of benefits. While it is a great card, a person can only get one if they are invited to receive one.


Citibank, Natwest, Eurasian, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America are just a few of the different banks that offer a black card. The designs can be a very basic black card with the words “Black Card” printed on top for simplicity (such as The Black Card). Others offer a more luxurious feel, offering an actual diamond encrusted onto the card (check out the Eurasian Diamond or Dubai First card). For those who simply want a card without having people notice that the card is black, they have white and blue ones, too (See Coutts & Co or Stratus Rewards). There are also ones made of graphite instead of plastic. The designs of these cards range based upon how a person wants to feel when they carry this uber important card.

Credit limits

Imagine being able to buy whatever you want, whenever you want it. Assuming you actually have the ability to pay it, this is possible with the power of a black card. The limits often exceed $1 million, making it entirely possible to purchase cars, boats, homes, and any other major ticket item.

The high credit limits are a convenience. Most major purchases require people to do credit checks, applications and sometimes can take as long as weeks to finalize before you are in possession of your purchase. Once you’ve qualified for a black card, the rest is history. There’s no more paperwork or waiting. You just hand over your card and walk (or drive) away with your purchase.

Invitation Only

Why is a black card invitation only? For many reasons.

  • With such incredibly high credit limits, everyone would be wanting to take a shot at qualifying. The applications would pile up, yet only a small percentage would ever actually be approved.
  • It adds to the aspect of being elite. After all, if everyone could get it, it’s not as regal feeling.
  • Banks want insurance. Credit cards are all about extending out funds for people with the promise of getting the money back. When we’re talking about millions of dollars, they need that insurance.

When a person receives an invitation from a bank to apply for a black card, it is an honor. Those that receive invitations are most likely already banking with the bank and will most likely be approved for the card. If you are a high-income earner and feel that you should have received an invitation by now, contact the bank (or banks) that you do business with to inquire. Not all banks offer a black card, so it’s possible that your bank doesn’t have the card you want.

Additional Benefits

A person with a black card is usually a private client or very wealthy individual. The benefits for this card allow them to continue living a wealthy, privileged life without the annoyances of applications and waiting. Other benefits include:

  • Points towards travel and shopping rewards
  • Personal wealth manager
  • Access to private functions
  • Ability to access the best rooms in hotels around the world
  • And lots more!


The Black Visa Card makes it possible to purchase virtually anything right then and there. Want a car? No problem. A house? Sure, why not. The black card enables a person to make large purchases without time consuming finance options. With limits exceeding $1 million, it’s no wonder that they require applicants to receive an invitation first, otherwise everyone would want the card!

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