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8 Ways to Use the COVID Stimulus


The stimulus legislation, tax relief, lower interest rates, and more. Find all 8 ways to use existing COVID stimulus to improve your financial situation in 2020.

8 Ways to Use the COVID Stimulus2020-05-19T17:09:10-05:00

COVID-Related Government Support for Businesses


If the COVID-19 caused you to lose your business or your job, there is Coronovirs related government support you can count on. This virus outbreak caused many troubles, and difficulties for self-employed workers, independent contractors, freelancers, and small business owners. Check current relief options available for Small Business and Self Employed.

COVID-Related Government Support for Businesses2020-08-09T14:04:19-05:00

Platinum Indigo Mastercard Credit Cards Review


Indigo Mastercard credit cards are good starter credit cards issued by Celtic Bank. These platinum cards feature fast pre-approval that does not affect your credit score. Are Indigo platinum cards legit and should you get one?

Platinum Indigo Mastercard Credit Cards Review2020-07-22T14:37:57-05:00

Synovus Connections Prepaid Visa Review


Established in 1888, Synovus Bank is a preferred choice for the people in the Southeastern states. Bank offers a wide variety of different cards, and its Synovus Connections Prepaid Visa can suit almost anyone’s needs. Before you apply for this card, you should learn everything about this offer. Read our review and rate the card, now!

Synovus Connections Prepaid Visa Review2020-07-22T16:58:29-05:00

Student Loan Forgiveness Ultimate Guide


Student loans can help you invest in a better future or can be a massive burden on you for many many years to come. If you have a student loan at the moment or you think about getting one in the future, you should learn more about what makes them unique and what is the Student Loan Forgiveness. Read a full comprehensive SLF guide here.

Student Loan Forgiveness Ultimate Guide2020-04-13T19:44:19-05:00

3 Reasons to Switch to H&R Block Online from TurboTax


The Tax day is changed and is coming up fast. There are a couple of ways you can prepare and submit your taxes if you haven't done it yet. You can file your taxes yourself, use software like TurboTax, or solicit the services of a company like H&R Block. Check why its a good time to switch from TurboTax to H7R Block this year.

3 Reasons to Switch to H&R Block Online from TurboTax2020-08-21T13:38:24-05:00

First Digital NextGen Mastercard Review


Full-feature MasterCard® Accepted Nationwide! The First Digital NextGen Mastercard credit card from Synovus bank offers credit reporting, easy approval, attractive benefits and more. However, it comes with few drawbacks too. Read our full First Digital Mastercard review to see if its a good match for you.

First Digital NextGen Mastercard Review2020-07-22T17:21:30-05:00

Millennial Credit Scores Skyrocket. Here’s Why You Should be Worried!


Current statistics highlight that millennial generations are continuously improving their credit scores. Since 2015, millennial credit scores are soaring, and most of them have a Good Credit that are 700 or higher. However, despite all of this, there is a lot to worry about financially.

Millennial Credit Scores Skyrocket. Here’s Why You Should be Worried!2020-08-09T14:04:17-05:00

Review of Identity Guard. Most Powerful Identity Protection Service


Keeping our identity safe and protected has become a top priority. The reality is, the more information technologies and the internet evolve, the more ways we need to monitor and protect our Identities. Identity Guard is a powerful and comprehensive ID theft protection service. Let's get a closer look at it.

Review of Identity Guard. Most Powerful Identity Protection Service2020-08-24T14:16:10-05:00

Coronavirus Is Impacting Economies and Credit Cards Globally


Coronavirus (COVID-19) has shaken financial markets on a global scale, leaving many cardholders concerned about its impact on their personal finances. Get to know how coronavirus is affecting the credit cards industry, and how you can protect your finances during this time.

Coronavirus Is Impacting Economies and Credit Cards Globally2020-03-12T00:39:56-05:00
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