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Donna McGill, as an experienced financial and investment representative, has more than a decade of experience in the American financial sector. Especially in her home state, she carefully monitors the various bills and laws designed to protect today’s consumers. With an emphasis on identity theft and credit card fraud, she offers common-sense tips for consumers who are looking to make the most of their security options in an ever changing online environment. She also follows closely the new financial laws so that she can provide the latest and most accurate changes.

Ready to Pay by Face?


We knew that 'pay by face' couldn’t be that far into the future, and as this year has proved, the ability for computers to recognize our faces and then link our credit card information to that image was closer than even we imagined.

Ready to Pay by Face?2020-02-27T23:54:39-06:00

How to Bank Safer? Info, Tips & Advice


While it's nearing its first year anniversary, many consumers are unaware of the massive effort from Pew Research Center that focuses on safer banking and financial transactions in our technology driven society.

How to Bank Safer? Info, Tips & Advice2020-02-27T21:15:31-06:00

Financial Preparation for Your Longer Life Span


Over the past four or five generations, we've learned much about good living and what it takes to stay healthy with the goal of living longer. Medicine has evolved to the point to where childhood diseases aren't death sentences for our young people and growing older - while maintaining our health - is absolutely possible. The problem with that is from a financial stance, the two realities don't always mean a seamless effort.

Financial Preparation for Your Longer Life Span2020-08-09T14:07:06-05:00

Careful, New Scams Promise Lower Rates


In this technology-driven world we live in, there's never any shortage of scams designed to separate us from everything from our cash to our identities. Attempting to keep up with the latest efforts of criminals is a full-time job. Still, the more we know as consumers, the more alert we can be, especially when the efforts to take what's ours comes in the form of a phone call. Here's the latest scam going around and while it's not especially original, it does serve as proof that some things never change.

Careful, New Scams Promise Lower Rates2020-08-26T23:03:35-05:00
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