The reloadable PASS Card from American Express makes it easy for teens to spend money and learn financial responsibility. Parents have many ways to load money on the card. Teens also have many ways of accessing the money on the card.

The Card Can be Used Anywhere

Teens need and want to be able to spend their money anywhere. The prepaid American Express provides this possibility. American Express is accepted online and off, all over the world.

The card can be used at movie theatres, restaurants and at millions of merchants around the globe. The card can also be used online for concert tickets, travel and with many other retailers that conduct business online.

When cash is simply the only method of payment accepted, cash can be pulled out of the prepaid card at ATMs anywhere. A PIN number will be provided when the card arrives. Only ATM machine fees apply, helping teens to get the money they always need in any situation.

Loading the Card is Convenient

Parents need an easy way to load money on the card. Whether a teen is under the same roof, off on a school trip or away at college, money can always be loaded, 24/7. There are three easy ways to get money on the card:

  • American Express
  • Bank Account
  • Cash

Parents with an American Express can enjoy the ease of loading money online. The money will show up instantly on the prepaid card. The transfer can be done as a one-time transfer or set up as a reoccurring transfer on a weekly or monthly basis. It’s the easiest way to ensure money is always on the reloadable card.

Checking or savings accounts can be used to fund the reloadable card as well. Any amount of money can be transferred. With the account number loaded online and the amount to be transferred, the process is simple. Money will show up within a few days, allowing teens to get the replenishment they need.

Cash can also be loaded onto the card. To do this, a MoneyPak needs to be purchased. Up to $500 at a time can be purchased. These Paks are available at various merchants around the world  at over 50,000 retailers. Once the MoneyPak is purchased, the money can be transferred by going online or calling a toll free number.

Various Features Are Available with the PASS Card

The Pass card is designed to teach financial responsibility to teens. The card can be used virtually anywhere and there are many ways to get money on the card, but there’s many other features with the card. Parents and teens alike can enjoy the following features on a regular basis:

  • Fraud protection
  • Text messages
  • Online account management
  • Card personalization

The PASS card is unlike cash in that it offers fraud protection. If the card is lost or stolen, charges made fraudulently are protected. The funds will be replaced and a new card will be sent out. Cash isn’t safe, but this American Express prepaid card is.

Text messages can be programmed on the account. This will tell parents when it’s time to replenish the card. It can also tell teens when to stop spending money and what the account balance is in order to practice financial responsibility.

Account management is available online. A username and password will be created. Parents and teens alike can log on to gain access to data. Account balances and past spending habits can be viewed in a moment’s notice. Reloads to the account can also be set up online. With the ability to track what’s going on with the account, teens can have an impact on their spending habits. There’s no chance of going over the limit because it’s all prepaid.

Teens have the ability to customize their card. Four different colors of the card are available. Orange, magenta, green and blue cards can be chosen, allowing every teen to choose a color that is a favorite, helping it to stand out from amongst the other cards.


The PASS card works just like a standard American Express card. The only difference is that no overdraft fees can be incurred. Teens are limited to what’s loaded on the card, teaching financial responsibility. Parents can limit the money on the card and both can manage the account online.

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