Choosing a credit card with good benefits is important. The Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express presents a lot of benefits, mainly cash back on many major purchases. The card is accepted globally, making it an enticing card for your wallet.

Applying for the Card

Applying for the Blue Cash Preferred Card is very simple. When you go online, you will fill out basic personal information that takes just a few minutes. Your information will be verified in under a minute and you can receive a response almost immediately. If you’ve been approved for the card, you will receive the card in the mail. Once you receive the card, benefits begin immediately and you can start using the card everywhere.

Additional cards can be requested at no additional charge for family members. Cash back and benefits then extend to all other cards. There is only one annual fee charged to the account, however.

Earning Cash Back on Purchases

One of the biggest features of the card is the ability to earn cash back on all eligible purchases. Buying everyday items can earn a lot of cash back, making all purchases more affordable. Depending on where the card is being used, it is possible to earn more than 1% cash back. Supermarkets, gas stations, department stores – wherever the card is used, cash back is earned.

The American Express logo ensures the card is accepted with millions of merchants. It can be used online as well as all over the world. As the card is used for everyday items, travel and specialty items, cash back will be rewarded. The cash back can be requested at any time in the form of a check or a credit to the monthly statement. There is also no limit to the amount of cash back that can be received over the year.

Benefits of the Credit Card

Significant benefits are offered on the American Express all year long. As a cardholder, you can take advantage of such benefits as:

  • Entertainment perks
  • Travel insurance
  • Global Assist Hotline
  • Blue Savings Program
  • Accidental Damage Protection
  • Fraud Protection
  • Online Account Management

As a cardholder, you can gain access to the best ticketed events around the globe. Theatre, sports and concerts can be seen without waiting for tickets to go on sale to the general public. A special number is given to cardholders. A representative will help arrange the tickets and they can be paid for over the phone.

When travel is booked with the card, you get complimentary travel insurance. This covers you and your immediate family in the event of any accident. Lost luggage, a medical accident or anything else is covered under the travel policy. This can prove to save a lot of money when traveling.

Global Assist Hotline also gives you a toll free number to call for assistance. Medical and legal advice is a phone call away. If you need help with lost travel documents, the hotline can help, too. Any time you travel 100 miles or further away from home, this benefit is available.

Save on restaurants, hotels and merchants around the globe. Log onto the website to learn of all the discounts available. These are just because of being a cardholder. Everything becomes more affordable when using the American Express card.

If something you purchase is damaged or stolen, it’s covered under the protection of the card. Up to 90 days after the purchase, the protection is there at no cost. It’s a great way to ensure purchases last longer, so it makes sense to buy everything with the American Express for the added protection.

Managing the account is made easy. A username and password will be created. The online area will show the account balance, available credit and list all past purchases. Statements can be viewed, printed or downloaded. Customer service can be contacted online or phoned 24/7 with account questions. The online account management area also makes it easy to pay a bill online, ensuring a bill is never late.


Applying for the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express is easy. The application resides online and within minutes, you can find out if you qualify for the card that will give you cash back, save you money on many purchases and keep your purchases safe.

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