The American Airlines AAdvantage program is a credit card rewards scheme rewarding members on participating credit cards. This rewards program is rivaled by Delta SkyMiles, WorlPoints, and the Thank You network amongst others. As with every credit card reward program out there, those card members who know how to make judicious use of a credit card will find themselves redeeming rewards and saving funds in places formerly impossible. The AAdvantage reward program has a lot to offer and we hope this article enlightens you in this regard.

AAdvantage Miles

On the program, AAdvantage miles are earned with every eligible purchase made by the card member. Some credit cards offer up to 2 miles per $1 spent on a qualified purchase category but the average is a mile per $1 spent. Bonus miles are sometimes issued out to new card members by the card issuer and those who make more expenses than a pre-determined figure may qualify for bonus miles. These bonus miles easily adds up to those already earned thus making it easier for members to claim rewards.

Claiming a Reward

To claim a reward, the card member would have to follow the procedure listed out by the card issuer. This usually entails calling a rewards specialist who’d give out more directions. A card member whose already member on the AAdvantage Dining.

Reward Options

Card members who have gathered enough miles will have the following rewards to choose from based on availability and how much miles are at their disposal:

Air Travel

Credit card owners can redeem miles for free and discounted travel to a destination of choice. American Airlines partners with around 25 top world airlines to ensure card users who’d be redeeming miles through this option are satisfied. Card members who fly frequently on other airlines may also transfer miles to another frequent flyer program provided such program is permitted.

Restaurants & Bars

The American Airlines AAdvantage reward program lets visitors search for restaurants & bars in their locale who are participating in the program. Through this feature, credit card members with the required amount of miles earned have no problems redeeming miles for an experience in a favorite restaurant or bar. Miles earned could be redeemed and used to pay for expenses made at these outlets.

Car Rentals

For professionals, and business owners who hire vehicles from a car rental on regular basis, the American Airlines AAdvantage rewards program can help cut down on expenses relating to car rentals. With enough points earned, card members can redeem miles earned for discount purchasing at a participating car rental company closest to them.

Gift Cards

Virtually every credit card rewards program will give offer winners the benefit of a gift card. These cards are come with minimal qualifications and can be redeemed using bonus miles. Gift cards are useful as they could be put to various uses such as a surprise gift to loved one. They are non-personalized and can be used by any party in possession.

Hotel Accommodation

Under AAdvantage Hotel, the reward program partners with luxurious hotels and resorts. Credit card holders can redeem miles for special discounts including free accommodation at participating hotels and resorts located all around the world. The AAdvantage website has a list of participating hotels and resorts. This could just come in useful especially when trying to cut costs on your next vacation or travel arrangements.


In general, card rewards program are handled as liabilities on the books of card issuers and thus a card member is usually not notified of having earned the required amount of miles to redeem a reward. Every card member has to remain vigilant and keep in constant touch with miles and points earned in order to be aware of having reached the rewards zone.

The American Airlines AAdvantage rewards program is managed by Rewards Network Inc. Hotels, Restaurant, Bar, and Club owners can partner allowed to sign up to the program through their website.

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