The Ace Rewards Visa Card is a credit card that ties into the Ace Loyalty Rewards Program, enhancing the rewards and savings that loyalty members receive. By earning points through all purchases, cardholders can use their points toward substantial savings in Ace Hardware stores.

The straightforward nature and ease-of-use of the Ace Rewards Visa card is evident in the application process, making for a good first impression. Cardholders can apply for this card online through a simple application process. Potential cardholders are given the option to apply for a joint or individual account, can agree to the terms and conditions of the card, and then they are forwarded to the application.

In the application, basic personal information is provided. The form only takes a matter of minutes to fill out before being forwarded toward an instant decision. In most cases, a decision can be provided within minutes and in others the card issuer, U.S. Bank, may need additional time. If that is the case, they will notify potential cardholders later. Once the application is approved, it takes 7 to 10 days for the card to be received. Once it is received, bonus points are awarded to the card to get the cardholder started toward earning points on purchases and using those points to save money on Ace Hardware purchases using the Ace Loyalty Rewards Program.


When you apply for the card, there may be a promotion happening through your local Ace Hardware store. When that is the case, you can apply for the card with those terms and conditions. If there is not a promotion or you wish to apply using the standard terms and conditions, you can do so.

When the account is approved, you are automatically enrolled in the Ace Loyalty Rewards program if you aren’t already. If you’re already enrolled, then you have the opportunity to enter your membership number on the credit card application so that the card can be attached to the loyalty program account if the credit card is approved.

Furthermore, cardholders are entitled to bonus opportunities that enhance the savings that the card provides.


The APR that will be applied to the card’s balance depends on creditworthiness and the Prime Rate. On the low end of the APR range, it is a highly competitive APR in that it may be simple to save money on other card balances when transferring them from higher interest credit cards. If you wish to do a balance transfer, then there is an APR that is similar to the purchase APR. For every balance transfer, the APR is applied.

To avoid paying the APR on purchases, you have the option of paying your entire balance by your due date. The due date is typically 24 to 30 days after the close of the billing cycle. This does not mean paying just the dollar amount in purchases to avoid interest, but paying the entire balance, even if it includes cash advance and balance transfer transactions.

For cash advances, there is a fixed APR. This means that the APR is based on the Prime Rate and it is the same regardless of creditworthiness. Both cash advances and balance transfers also have fees. The fee that is charged is a percentage of the transaction or a specific dollar amount, whichever is greater.

The types of cash advances allowed on the card include convenience check cash advances, ATM transactions, and cash equivalent advances. This is so you can receive cash in an instant when you need it. Cash advance fees and APRs are charged per transaction versus being charged as a total amount.

Another transaction type is the foreign transaction fee. The fee is a percentage of the transaction. If the transaction is carried out in U.S. Dollars rather than a foreign currency, then the percentage of the transaction that is charged is less. The card is accepted everywhere in the world where Visa is accepted.


Points are earned by using the credit card for transactions. The type of transaction you use it on determines how many points you are awarded. For instance, you can earn more points for every dollar spent on category transactions, such as gas or groceries. You can earn even more by making Ace Hardware purchases with the card. There is also the opportunity to earn more by making specific transactions and earning quarterly bonuses. When cardholders refer friends who are approved for accounts, referral bonus points are added to the account.

The points are applied to the loyalty account so that they can be used for in-store savings. As a part of the loyalty program, cardholders are able to receive in-store savings in addition to any savings that their points afford them.

Card Management

The management of the card is a very important feature in that the card can be managed in a number of ways. The first is through customer service. By calling 24/7 customer service, you are able to get answers about your account. You can check transactions when they are available, check your balance, report the card lost or stolen, report fraud, check your available credit, and make payments. You can call customer service from anywhere in the world. You can also check your account online at your own pace and in your own time. You can carry out all of the tasks online that you can by calling customer service.

Cardholders can also download a mobile phone application on their smartphones that can be used from anywhere to manage the account. Again, cardholders can check their balances, available credit, make payments, and evaluate other aspects of the account so that the account is easy-to-manage.


The Ace Rewards Visa card is a card that rewards loyalty. By making purchases, points are earned, making the savings in Ace Hardware stores even greater. This means saving money on home improvement and do-it-yourself projects, making the no annual fee credit card cost even less.

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