Everyone wants a way to manage their money that doesn’t always involve a bank account or the prospect of unexpected fees. Seniors, especially want to place their money somewhere that is safe and with a company that is concerned with their best interests. It is never too late to house your money in a place that is safe. The AARP Prepaid MasterCard from Green Dot is a safe place for you to keep your money. Unlike cash, the card gives you security. If you lose the card, then you can report it lost and your cash is protected. A replacement card is sent to you for a small fee. In the meantime, the lost card cannot be used so that anyone who finds it cannot successfully use it.

This type of security is very important because seniors work hard for their money. The last thing they want is for their money to be compromised in some way . No one wants to have to pay high fees to protect or manage their money. Through this AARP prepaid card, you do not have to pay a lot of money to keep your cash housed in the account. The fees are reasonable, the card is convenient, and you can reload at thousands of locations when you need to.

Compared To Banks

You don’t have to have a bank account to have this prepaid card. However, you can reload it from your bank account if you need to. When compared to a bank, there are some elements that are quite different. For instance, there are no overdraft fees. This is because the amount that can be spent using the card is only limited to the amount of money that is on it. If the money isn’t there, the transaction won’t go through.

Where the card is similar is in the fact that it does have a monthly service fee. Some high maintenance bank accounts come with fees, but they are typically more than what the AARP prepaid card’s service fee is. From there, there are no other account fees that you have to worry about. The rest of the fees are based on your activities. For instance, there is a fee associated with all ATM transactions because the owners of the ATMs that you use charge those fees. However, Green Dot does have its own fee, but it is very small. The way to avoid this fee on ATM transactions is to go online through your account management screen and use the ATM locator so you can find one or more in your community.

Management screen

As for the account management screen, it is much like what you see with a bank. You will see your account balance, transactions, and other relevant details that make managing the account simple. You can check your account as often as you like at any point during the day. This is also a great way to see if the card has any fraudulent charges. Security measures are put in place to avoid fraud There are times when it is unavoidable no matter the type of account that is being used.

Lost Or Stolen Cards

Green Dot has a procedure for cards that are los tor stolen. When you report the card lost or stolen within two days of realizing it is gone, it is possible to avoid fraudulent charges. If you do not realize that the card is gone and it is fraudulently used, it is possible for Green Dot to recognize the fraudulent use and restrict card usage. For instance, the card may be used in one city and then within the hour the card number is used hundreds of miles away. When that happens, it suggests that there is some kind of fraud that is happening. To protect the card company and you, the card may be frozen.

You can monitor for fraud through online account management. When you log into your account online, you can view your balance, add money through bank transfer, view transactions, and stay up-to-date on the terms and conditions. This is a good opportunity for you to review your transactions for fraudulent transactions so that you can identify anything that you didn’t do. If you notice something, it is important that you notify Green Dot as soon as possible because that indicates that someone has gotten the card number.

This is just proof of how the card is safer than having cash. When you lose cash, it is gone. If the card is lost, you can report it lost and avoid loss of your money. This gives seniors the security that they require.

Reloading Your Card

In order to have money to keep safe, you need to reload the card. This means put money on it when you need to. You can do this at a retail location that simply swipes the card to reload it or you can purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak that contains a number that can be input online so money can be added to your card. There are fees that come with these forms of reloading, but you can have money direct deposited onto your card, it is free. You can have your social security check, your paycheck, and even your income tax return deposited onto the card.

When you reload the card, there are limits. It is important to be mindful of the limit for cash deposits and the limit for direct deposit. These limits are also the same as the maximum balances allowed on the cards. These limits are in place for your protection and the protection of the card company.


When you are in need of a prepaid debit card that has easy reload options, account management, low fees, and allows you to have easy access to your cash, the AARP Prepaid MasterCard from Green Dot gives you all of that and more.

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